SA Marriage Week is a campaign that focuses on marriage as a holy institution by:

  1. Ensuring that this institution is restored in His honour as an eternal promise;
  2. Motivating couples into taking action, with the knowledge that a healthy marriage brings inner fulfilment and the ability to spread out to the next generation;
  3. Inspiring South African couples to take a stand for marriages and to protect it with tools such as faith, knowledge, perseverance and attitude.
  4. Creating an awareness within South Africa on the psychological role that marriages play in ensuring the wellbeing of our community and in preventing ‘broken’ children and consequently crime.
  5. Highlighting the divorce rates in the country and demonstrating how it is a national problem that requires urgent attention.
  6. To emphasise for couples to take responsibility for their own marriages adn proactively take charge against divorce
  7. Strengthening the idea that a marriage is the key to freedom, emotional wealth, security, a healthy economy, the realisation of full potential and youth that have a clear vision of the future.
  8. Motivating organisations, churches, the government, community leaders, celebrity couples, the media and businesses to support and promote SA Marriage Week.